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Our SPA center invites for regeneration, relaxation and personal development. It offers a wide range of treatments and healing applications – individually and personally customized – to experience the body and soul in balance. The program includes health and sports massage, aromatherapy massage and Egyptian massages. As a special healing application we offer chakra healing, meditation classes, coaching and Reiki.

Life Coaching:

“It only takes one person to change your life – you.“ (Ruth Casey) 

Life coaching is about how to transform your life, step by step using approved techniques. The process of transformation involves stepwise changes and improvements in all areas of life

Chakra Healing:

The seven chakras are our centers of energy and are located on the center line of our body. The chakras steer our mental processes. Those in the lower part of our body steer our intellectual processes, while the upper chakras our mental abilities. Often chakras are blocked or not opened while others are compensatorily overactive. The chakra healing brings the energy levels back into balance, to accept the wholeness of our being.

Meditation techniques:

Through meditation, you can find peace by replacing negative thoughts with positive ones. This self-healing process reduces stress and inner satisfaction arises. Various techniques, including the positive process of education will be taught.