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Visit the world famous Valley of the Kings on a day trip. The troops of Queen Hatshepsut to the pilgrims of the Sultan on the way to Mecca, by the Roman centurions to the Arabian traders of the Renaissance – many have utilized El Quseir over the past four thousand years as a starting point for exploration, expansion and trade with far flung oriental lands.


Fortress of Sultan Selim

El Quseir is the only historical city at the Red Sea. Even Napoléon landed late 18th Century on the reef, which is located right in front of the present Fanadir Holiday Resort. From here he conquered the impressive Ottoman fortress of Sultan Selim. This unique monument is right in the city center and was recently renovated and added a visitor center. We arrange guided tours with a visit to a mosque and the Church of Santa Barbara and other attractions in El Quseir. For those who love to stroll, there is a beautiful footpath on the beach, which leads past small Egyptian restaurants and cafes right in the city of El Quseir. Typical bazaars and shops such as from “the tale of 1001 night” invite to stroll and linger.

Further excursions

We organize for you a desert safari with the quad to the Bedouin. Enjoy their hospitality with coffee and tea, or in the evenings at a barbeque.


Horse riding in the desert and by the sea

“No hour of life is wasted that is spent in the saddle.” – Winston Churchill


In the homeland of the Arab horses we have discovered a high-class riding stable – beginners and advanced riders will be thrilled. The horse riding in the silence of the desert or along the coast are an experience. For beginners we offer a slow ride and for expert riders more hour trail rides, and full-day tours on the back of the sensitive Arabian horses.


Camel riding

Likewise, an experience in Egypt is the camel riding. Camels (dromedaries) were domesticated from 7 Century BC in order to serve for transportations between the oases. A famous pilgrimage caravan led from Cairo to Mecca. The guided rides go into the desert – look at the environment from the perspective of the caravan time.